Hi there! Welcome to my new blog. I’m so glad that you found me. I do hope that you might stick around and become a regular and a friend of SoapieZo’s Vlog Blog. Well, it’s good to meet you! How are you? You doing OK? How are things? The sun is shining here with gorgeous blue skies. It could be a little warmer, but making new friends always gives the warm fuzzies, so we are all good!

The Sun

So a little about me. Well, I’m Zoe. I’m 43 and I’m married to a very patient man (!). We got married in 2006 and just last year celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a Handfasting! I am a stay-at-home mother and housewife. We have two children together. My ‘train driver’ is 11 now and my little princess, well, she just turned 8 last month. I love my family. And I am loving making a home for them. We moved into this house two years ago. The first year I did nothing here as we weren’t sure if we were going to stick around. Year two was covering walls with lining paper to create a blank canvas. This year…I decorate! So I am very interested in everything home – furnishing, decorating, accessories, recipes and cooking, home crafts, storage ideas (we have none!) oh, you name it!

I wanted a place to put everything, and share with people what interests me, and the bits and bobs that I like to try. So, what better than a blog where I can chat away to my hearts content about anything and everything and record it all! So, what exactly do I hope to share? Well, to be perfectly honest with you, right at this very second, I’m not 100% sure. But, what I do know, is this will evolve into something. It’s an organic outlet. I’m sure that one month it will all go recipes and everything this or that, and then as a new interest pops up, it will flow into that, and so on. So for that reason, I’m not going to set anything in stone just yet. Lets see how it goes and where it all takes us. What I do hope though, is that you will come along with me. I’m sure there is bound to be ‘something’ in here that might interest you? If not, here is a thought…let me know!

Some of the things that I hope will show up here, are recipes (as I have mentioned once or twice!). Today, I am going to start trying to loose some weight and get a little fitter, which I can cover in another post. So I shall be sharing how I get on, what I learn, eat and with the winds in the right direction (PLEASE!!!) what I loose. I love to create. So I hope to share some of the things that I like to make, new crafts that I try my hand at, home furnishings – bought or made, anything exciting that me and my family get up to, life. I also like to try the posts that you see on You Tube or Facebook letting you know life-hacks or potions and lotions. So we can try them here together and see if they actually do work. We can do hauls & unboxings too. And of course, what I get up to with my wood burning and glass engravings! So there is an awful lot that we can do together. It should be fun! At least, that is the hope.

This is all new to me, but I hope soon to settle into my blogging shoes and get a schedule going and soon we will be up and running smoothly!
Talk soon!




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