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Titanic Remembrance Day


Can you believe that the Titanic sank to her watery grave, 105 years ago? 105 years! And still, it is a name that everyone knows. We all know the story of her demise. This grand ship, the unsinkable ship, that sets sail on her maiden voyage, but never reaching her destination. All those lives lost. Heart breaking. And then of course, since then, all the conspiracy stories surrounding her. No matter what you think happened, this is one story that I don’t think will ever be forgotten.

I have been fascinated about this ship and her tale forever. Even before I was really aware of the story and the tragedy, I knew her name. I used to have the PC game, ‘Titanic: Adventure Out of Time’ and loved spending hours playing that, or just strolling about the ship. Gosh, that was some time ago! I wonder if I can still get this now? Might have to take a look at that…

Titanic Game.png

I remember when James Cameron’s film came out. I was working at a petrol station at the time and my shift couldn’t end fast enough! We dived home (I was with my first husband then and he picked me up from work) and straight into the video…yes, VHS then! I bawled like a baby!! Oh my Gods I cried! I still do. I went through two VHS tapes. I know that film all but word-for-word. I can’t quite remember, but I ‘think’ it was my then brother-in-law, bought me the book to accompany the film. I still have that book. It’s slightly worse for ware now as the front cover got ripped off during a move. But I love my book.

My Titanic Book.png

As it happens, my husband is also fascinated by the ship too. So I get to buy him fab books and DVD sets…all for him, of course! He has quite a few now! Right now though, he is waiting on a new PC game to be finished and released. He has been watching the game being developed online for the last year or so and to be fair, it does look amazing. The detail on this thing is unreal. It’s called, Titanic: Honor and Glory and you can check them out over at YouTube. Pop to their About page on YouTube to get their links to various sites to stay up to date. But if you can, you have to see this.

I’m not going to list off facts and figures here as there are so many websites available to go read those. We all know that the disaster was one of the biggest in modern history and far too many died. 1,500 people died that morning. It’s hard I think, to grasp that. One and a half thousand people died. I just wanted to acknowledge those that did die in that tragedy. To let them all know, that many people still living, do remember them all. We may not know their names, but we still think of them, and hope that they rest in peace.

RMS Titanic Wreath

Talk soon!






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