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Why we don’t celebrate Easter

To all those who do celebrate today, Happy Easter!! Hope you have a lovely day today and that the Easter Bunny was feeling generous ;o). In our house today, it is Sunday, plain and simple. The only difference here, is that my husband is home from work today, which is nice. But the kids don’t see today as anything other than a Sunday. There are no choccy eggs or bunnies around here, and no mass Sunday roast in the offering. Today actually, the kids chose Meatballs and Spaghetti followed by ice cream with strawberry sauce for dinner.

We celebrated our ‘Choccy Egg Day’ last month at the Spring Equinox, at Ostara. This year, Ostara fell on Monday the 20th March. Spring arrived! Don’t you just love spring? All that newness around as flowers, trees and bushes wake up from their wintery sleep. Animals are birthing and coming out of hibernation and whatever else you can think of. The grey skies of winter make way for blue skies. Windows get to open and children get back out to play. Such a lovely time of the year. Even our clothes change, from the darker deeper colours of winter to the lighter shades and pastels. We lose our coats and pull out the lighter weight jackets.

This, and so much more is what we celebrate at Ostara – OK, so maybe not so much our clothes, but you get my drift here.

Ostara is one of the pagan festivals of the year. It is one of the eight sabbats that we celebrate throughout the year. It is the second of the Spring festivals, and is a date that we celebrate when night and day are of equal length, with the promise of what is to come as the sun shines ever brighter and our days increase.

So for us, we have already celebrated this seasons holiday. Easter is a Christian festival. We are not Christians, so see no need to celebrate the day. I know that I should know the story of Easter, but I have to admit, I don’t. I know the story goes that Jesus dies on the cross ‘for the sins of man’, his body gets put in a cave, and then he gets resurrected. But, what happens on what day, how and why, I’m really not too sure. Something I think I need to put right! I’m going to add that to my ‘to do’ list…

So there are no chocolate eggs or bunnies in this house today. I might grab a couple after this weekend when they go on sale for the kids, but for no other reason than they are fun and cheap and mostly taste yummy!

So whatever you are doing today, and however you celebrate, have fun. Enjoy your family, your church services, and your gatherings. I hope the sun shines for you, as it is here right now and the children have a blast hunting eggs – the highlight for my kids at Ostara!

Talk soon!




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