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Camp NaNoWriMo – One week in!

Well, it is one week in on Camp NaNoWriMo this July and I’m still going! Well, I had to say though, that I have only just started two days ago, so I am running a little behind. I also went into this blind. I had NO clue what to expect or what I was doing, or going to do. Maybe not quite the approach that I might have hoped for, but it’s what I have and so I am going with it. Well, not much choice now, is there, LOL!

I had heard of NaNoWriMo before, but not the Camps until a few days ago. Because the Camps you can set your own goals and not restricted to the 50,000 words that you try to hit in the Novembers challenge, I figured that I would give it a go. So I set to with paper and pen and jotted a few notes down. I now have post-it notes all over, various notebooks and pens. I now have Grammarly installed on my PC and Scrivener too. I love these programs already!

Grammarly is a program that you download and then choose your level of subscription. I’m only using the free version. It installed as an extension on my Chromes browser and also as a program. So now, when I go to write an email or make a comment on Facebook, or where ever I might type some text on my PC, I have this little green circle with an arrow shooting around it. It reads everything that I type and will let me know if I make a mistake in spelling or grammar. It then advises me where my error is and what I can do to fix the problem. It has come in very handy already, I can tell you! Check it out here, or just go Google and have a look.

Scrivener is much more complex, but oh wow. I am in love with this program and just cannot stop playing with it. It is everything that you could want or need (I say this with my very new and limited writing knowledge!) to plan out and write…something. Not only do you write in there, but you also get to play your characters, map out your writing, add research, notes, sort out your chapters, even compile it all when done to various formats. There is so much to this program. But it has me all excited. OK, so it doesn’t take much! Currently, I am using the free trial version that is released for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo. It will disable itself on August the 7th. If I get to be a winner at Camp, then you get given a 50% discount on buying the program – which I will be doing. If I’m not a winner, then I still get 20%. Either way, come the first payday of August, this program is mine! Wahahaha! If you haven’t got it or want to check out the free version (go to the bottom of the page for that) then check it out here.

As for me? Well, my adventures at Camp are just getting going really. As I said, I’m two days in, and already smashing my daily target. I am so happy! Doesn’t it sound like I am churning out chapters?! I am on chapter two though.

So, my goals…to be fair, I’m still not sure on that. It keeps changing. As I said I went into this without a clue what I was doing. All I knew, was that I had to find an idea of a story and pop in how many words and set to. But if you have never written stories before, how do you know? I tried Googling and even sat on the living room floor with my kid’s books counting words. Seriously, I did! It didn’t help. So I decided to just go. Just write. So I did.

 Well, I knew that it would be a children’s story, so it was never going to have thousands upon thousands of words, so I guessed that I would start with one goal for a number of words and I could push that out if needed…oh I needed.

I started with 1000 words. It was literally a number plucked, nothing more. My original idea was to shoot for a series of eight short stories with my same main characters and within the theme chosen. All good so far. So my family moved into their new house that afternoon, removals were gone by evening and they ‘camped’ in their rooms that night. By lunch time next morning, I’m at 2000 words, lol! Hmmm, gonna rethink my word counts a tad. So goal right now is 5000 words, and my little tiny short stories, well, might be a wee bit longer than I anticipated. Who knew I could waffle on so much (tries to look shocked at the fact)!

Hmmm, and mentioning my ability to waffle on, seems a good place to shut up and end this here, and get back to Camp!

Many blessings!


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