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And I am done!

Good grief…I did it. It might not be the work of art or the mass word count of those who are trying to complete their novels, but I am happy. I’m very happy. My story of these two children moving into their new home, first draft, is done. It came in at 7,787 words. I  have updated my word total on the Camp NaNoWriMo site and closed down Scrivener now. I’m going to leave it shut now for the rest of the day too. I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I jumped in and had a little go, and I did it. I know it is only the 16th July today, so I know that if I choose to, I have time to hop back in and add more and play with it. But at least I have hit my goal! I had done a search on Google for an idea of a word count for a Children’s Short Story and 7500 seemed to be something acceptable to shoot for. So I aimed for that, hit that and went some over. I can live with that.

I had done a search on Google to get an idea of what a word count is for a children’s short story, and the majority of sites reckoned between 7,500 words and 9,000. So I thought I’d go for the lower count. It seemed to be something acceptable to shoot for. So I aimed for that, hit it and then went some over. I can live with that.

What have I learned so far? Well, that I ffff-lipping love writing! OK, so this is all new to me, so right now I have that excitement born of something new, but even so, everything about this just excites me so much. This morning when I finished my little story, I was left feeling rather deflated. Now what was I supposed to do?!

Over these last couple of weeks, I have joined groups and forums. I have Googled my backside off finding snippets to note down in one of my many notebooks. I have subscribed to some really lovely YouTube channels and enjoying watching through those. There is such a wealth of information out there!

I’ve also bought a book called The Five Minute Writer. I have found it to be a super little book for helping find ideas and thoughts. Basically, you flip the book open to anywhere you choose. There will be a short intro into what that theme is, and then a five-minute exercise to do. I have been doing them as a warm up to my writing. So I start my day with one of these exercises, then get stuck into Scrivener.

My writing day has quite set itself into its own little routine. Once children and husband are out the door to school and work (or settled into what ever activity they are involved in), I grab a cuppa and set my self up at the table. One day, I hope to have my own office to write in! How exciting would that be?! I then pull out my Five Minute Writer book and choose something randomly. I admit I don’t always choose to do the one that I open at though. Once that is done, I open up Scrivener, grab my phone and set the timer to ten minutes. I complete a sprint and then get up and go do something different – housework, decorating, whatever it may be. Then back for another sprint. It seems to be working for me, and if I am on a roll, I am more than happy to just keep going.

Time for lunch now – I’m starving! And then, I have a whole list of sites to hit and YouTube videos to check out on planning out your novel. I have decided that I am definitely going to have a crack at Novembers NaNoWriMo and this time, I intend to go in armed. I want a full plan and research, the lot. I absolutely love planning things, so I am looking forward to this stage! Mind you, I have already hit my first snag.

It’s not a problem as such, just a wee snag…I have this vision of my book and I couldn’t begin to describe how excited I am about it. I even see the front cover! My problem is the name. It was perfect. It described what my book is to be about exactly I thought. I then checked on Amazon and there are a few books with that already. Just my luck. Worse than that, I even had a title for book two…some bugger has his first two books of a series with my titles…both of them! OK, so it made me chuckle. Made me call him a few names too, but it did make me smile that I had obviously picked good names. Just a shame that it was his books, lol!

Many blessings!



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