About Me

Hi, I’m Zoe. If you have read my very first post called, ‘Why?’, then you already know a little about me ;o)

Well, I’m 43 years old and a stay-at-home mother and housewife. I have two younger kiddies at home, three older boys from a previous marriage and then my two step-daughters from my husbands previous marriage, and even one gorgeous little step-gran-daughter!

I wouldn’t say that we are anything special, we don’t do anything special or out of the ordinary or go anywhere special, so why would I want to blog? For no other reason, than why not?! I don’t have any interests that are ‘out there’ or really majorly noteworthy, but at least with my blog, I have a central place to put all my ramblings, posts about what I and we as a family get up to. My crafts, interests and pondering’s can go in here too. As I mentioned in my first post, ‘Why’, this will be a very organic blog and will just grow to where it feels like it might want to go. You know just as much as I do about this right now!

Some of the things that will pop up here and there will be craft related stuff – painting, drawing, making, building, doing just about anything and everything. There will be my pyrography and glass engraving too. Actually, quite a bit of the pyro no doubt!

Our home. As I said, I’m decorating, clearing, sorting that this year. I’m doing a MAJOR de-clutter. We moved from a teeny two bed house to a three bed house that is half the size again, so naturally, we have so much stuff and no where to put it! I want to make furnishings, and art to go up on my walls.

We are a pagan family, so there will be our life through the year celebrating the sabbats and festivals. So stories, recipes and craft projects to go along with which ever time of year it is.

I want to ‘showcase’ certain people that I know too – friends who have businesses and so on.

Cooking, baking and failing – I’m particularly good at that last one!

Take care!