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Beltane is coming!

As I have shared before, I am pagan as is my family. And as such, we celebrate the sabbats, or the festivals of the pagan calendar, quite often called ‘The Wheel of the Year’. The next sabbat to come up is Beltane. This pops up on May 1st and is a joyous occasion and one to really let your hair down and celebrate. It is from this festival that we get the Mayday festivals and the May Poles, etc.

The year is pretty much split into two segments if you will. There is the Light Half and the Dark Half. It has nothing to do with what magic is practiced before anyone comes up with that one (heard it before *rolls eyes*), but the amount of light that is available as the sun wanders about our beautiful planet. In October at Samhain, we enter the Dark Half of the year, where we prepare for the hardships of winter, making sure the last of the crops are in and get ready to hunker down through the cold of winter. As we hit May and Beltane, we celebrate the Light Half of the year returning at the opposite end of the Wheel. It is a time when the God and Goddess marry and all the joys that come with such a union. This is why Handfastings are traditionally done at this time – although my own Handfasting was in August! It is a time of fertility (not just in the bedroom!) but in fields and pastures, hopes and dreams.

But how do we celebrate this as a family thing?

Well, first thing, as with any sabbat that comes along in our house, we get our Pooka Pages magazine! I’m not sure who gets more excited, me or the children! OK, OK, so it is probably me. Pooka Pages is a free online magazine that is made available just before each sabbat. You can get your own magazine at Pooka Pages here. It is basically about a little black cat called Pooka and his witch, Elsie. There is usually a story or three in there with a lovely message for the children. There will be colouring pages and activities and some recipes and crafts for them to try. We have been reading our Pooka Pages for several years now. It’s free, no sign up and you just go to their website and click the link and you can download the pdf and then print it out at your leisure or just read it online – I downloaded mine just this morning, printed it out and it is all stapled and sat waiting fro the kids and I to read it!

So next I shall go through the magazine, see what ingredients we need and any craft supplies, etc. Then look at decorations. This sabbat is lovely and colourful and I’ll look for flowers – bought, planted and made. There will be ribbons hung in differing colours and anything else that the children feel that they want up. It’s their sabbat too!

I’ll plan food for the day. I do try and have something traditional in some shape or form, although it usually changes as the children decide they don’t like something or want something different! Quite often a BBQ is involved – can’t argue with that! But whatever food we do have, it will be fun. Drinks too! Can’t have fun food without fun drinks.

Foods for this time of year will be colourful ones – strawberries and cherries, red, rose wines and fruit punches, oats, honey, anything food that is pinks or red…think lurve!

I’ll post some of the recipes that I am making in a few days time (probably over the weekend) as I bake and make ready for Monday.

Sometimes we hold full ritual. The children, especially the eldest, loves this part and just this morning was asking me what I was preparing for rituals and can he do something too. They started to take more of an interest last year at Litha and did their first rituals then. Being the proud mummy, I snivelled a touch, I’ll admit it, lol.

I shall hold my own more formal rituals later on when the children are in bed. I haven’t actually written this years yet. But I have my Book of Shadows that has my rituals in, so I will use my basic ritual and then alter it for the occasion.

Something else that happens over Beltane is something quite a few people have heard of, the Beltane Fires will be lit. Years back when, our homes were heated through the main fire of the house, where the cooking would be done too. The hearth and heart of the home. It was important that these fires didn’t go out if you could help it, or you have no heat and no food! But at Beltane, the fires would be put out and made ready when the Druids would light the Beltane fires and flames would be passed from house to house re-lighting our hearth fires with the new flames. As the cattle and herds were being sent out into the fields and pastures, they would be driven between two such fires to drive out and ward off any ill or negativity, and to give the cattle the protection as they were ushered off out into their summer pastures.

In life today we don’t really see this happening anymore, but what we can do, is to go through our homes and clean out anything that is not needed – give it to charity, throw it out, pass it on and make way and room for the new. Have a good clean too. Light a fire (candle) and pass it around your home. Have a couple of fires (candles very well spaced apart for safety!) and go through these for the same thing – ward off anything and to offer protection.

It will be a day of fun, and a day of the family spending time together as we celebrate the sabbat and festival that is Beltane.

Many blessings!

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Why we don’t celebrate Easter

To all those who do celebrate today, Happy Easter!! Hope you have a lovely day today and that the Easter Bunny was feeling generous ;o). In our house today, it is Sunday, plain and simple. The only difference here, is that my husband is home from work today, which is nice. But the kids don’t see today as anything other than a Sunday. There are no choccy eggs or bunnies around here, and no mass Sunday roast in the offering. Today actually, the kids chose Meatballs and Spaghetti followed by ice cream with strawberry sauce for dinner.

We celebrated our ‘Choccy Egg Day’ last month at the Spring Equinox, at Ostara. This year, Ostara fell on Monday the 20th March. Spring arrived! Don’t you just love spring? All that newness around as flowers, trees and bushes wake up from their wintery sleep. Animals are birthing and coming out of hibernation and whatever else you can think of. The grey skies of winter make way for blue skies. Windows get to open and children get back out to play. Such a lovely time of the year. Even our clothes change, from the darker deeper colours of winter to the lighter shades and pastels. We lose our coats and pull out the lighter weight jackets.

This, and so much more is what we celebrate at Ostara – OK, so maybe not so much our clothes, but you get my drift here.

Ostara is one of the pagan festivals of the year. It is one of the eight sabbats that we celebrate throughout the year. It is the second of the Spring festivals, and is a date that we celebrate when night and day are of equal length, with the promise of what is to come as the sun shines ever brighter and our days increase.

So for us, we have already celebrated this seasons holiday. Easter is a Christian festival. We are not Christians, so see no need to celebrate the day. I know that I should know the story of Easter, but I have to admit, I don’t. I know the story goes that Jesus dies on the cross ‘for the sins of man’, his body gets put in a cave, and then he gets resurrected. But, what happens on what day, how and why, I’m really not too sure. Something I think I need to put right! I’m going to add that to my ‘to do’ list…

So there are no chocolate eggs or bunnies in this house today. I might grab a couple after this weekend when they go on sale for the kids, but for no other reason than they are fun and cheap and mostly taste yummy!

So whatever you are doing today, and however you celebrate, have fun. Enjoy your family, your church services, and your gatherings. I hope the sun shines for you, as it is here right now and the children have a blast hunting eggs – the highlight for my kids at Ostara!

Talk soon!



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Titanic Remembrance Day


Can you believe that the Titanic sank to her watery grave, 105 years ago? 105 years! And still, it is a name that everyone knows. We all know the story of her demise. This grand ship, the unsinkable ship, that sets sail on her maiden voyage, but never reaching her destination. All those lives lost. Heart breaking. And then of course, since then, all the conspiracy stories surrounding her. No matter what you think happened, this is one story that I don’t think will ever be forgotten.

I have been fascinated about this ship and her tale forever. Even before I was really aware of the story and the tragedy, I knew her name. I used to have the PC game, ‘Titanic: Adventure Out of Time’ and loved spending hours playing that, or just strolling about the ship. Gosh, that was some time ago! I wonder if I can still get this now? Might have to take a look at that…

Titanic Game.png

I remember when James Cameron’s film came out. I was working at a petrol station at the time and my shift couldn’t end fast enough! We dived home (I was with my first husband then and he picked me up from work) and straight into the video…yes, VHS then! I bawled like a baby!! Oh my Gods I cried! I still do. I went through two VHS tapes. I know that film all but word-for-word. I can’t quite remember, but I ‘think’ it was my then brother-in-law, bought me the book to accompany the film. I still have that book. It’s slightly worse for ware now as the front cover got ripped off during a move. But I love my book.

My Titanic Book.png

As it happens, my husband is also fascinated by the ship too. So I get to buy him fab books and DVD sets…all for him, of course! He has quite a few now! Right now though, he is waiting on a new PC game to be finished and released. He has been watching the game being developed online for the last year or so and to be fair, it does look amazing. The detail on this thing is unreal. It’s called, Titanic: Honor and Glory and you can check them out over at YouTube. Pop to their About page on YouTube to get their links to various sites to stay up to date. But if you can, you have to see this.

I’m not going to list off facts and figures here as there are so many websites available to go read those. We all know that the disaster was one of the biggest in modern history and far too many died. 1,500 people died that morning. It’s hard I think, to grasp that. One and a half thousand people died. I just wanted to acknowledge those that did die in that tragedy. To let them all know, that many people still living, do remember them all. We may not know their names, but we still think of them, and hope that they rest in peace.

RMS Titanic Wreath

Talk soon!





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Bucket Lists!

Do you have a bucket list? I didn’t. I’d heard of the term of course, and seen blogs and vlogs about people’s lists, but never actually considered making one for myself. No real reason as to why, just something that I never felt drawn to write. I have a few ideas what I could put down on one, as watching and reading others, I’ve made the comments that yes, I’d love to try that too, or that I would love to learn that, or whatever they wrote. But that was as far as it went.

Last week, on Facebook, there was a video doing the rounds of a woman who was fed up being scared of things in life and not having control (if I remember that rightly…if I can find that video, I’ll link to it). But her video was 100 things that she was scared of, from eating bugs (definitely NOT one to go on my list thank you very much!), to dancing in public, sunbathing at a railway station I think it was – why? Seriously, why would you even want to do that?! But, I took my hat (if I had been wearing one, I would have at least) off to her. She was one brave cookie. She did 100 things and documented her journey.

Since I watched that video, I have been thinking about these lists, and possibly creating my own. So I did some looking about online and hit my favourite sites…I live on Google and Pinterest! I got lost on these for HOURS…do you? But after reading only a handful, and the reasons why people create these lists, I thought, ‘Why not?!’

First, I searched out an actual definition on what a Bucket List is. Here is what I found.

“bucket list


noun: bucket list; plural noun: bucket lists
  1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

OK, so that sounds easy enough, so let’s have a go. Let me know if you have a Bucket List too. I’d be very interested in reading it if you have one online, so a couple of the things on there that you don’t mind sharing.

These don’t have to be in any order, do that? Well, mine certainly won’t be!

Zoe’s Bucket List

  1. Visit every State in America
  2. Learn a new language – British Sign Language, American Sign Language, French, Welsh (not all, but at least one!)
  3. Lose weight and achieve an ideal weight – currently I am WAY over that!!
  4. Tone up and get fit
  5. Take part in the London Marathon (I’ll accept walking quite happily!!!)
  6. Ride a horse along the beach at sunset
  7. Learn a profession
  8. Learn chess
  9. Become an author – children’s and fiction
  10. Learn to sing – and not just when I am on my own so no one hears just out of tune I am!
  11. Do some volunteering with some charity – autism, asthma or Parkinsons
  12. Dance barefoot in the rain…not a gentle show, but a beautiful downpour!
  13. See the Northern Lights
  14. Get a make-over and do a photo shoot
  15. Earn a degree at University
  16. Learn to play the guitar
  17. Win the Lottery!!!! <————
  18. Go storm chasing
  19. Go to Disney World
  20. Go on a big family picnic!
  21. Go on a cruise
  22. Learn to swim with a mermaid tail!!
  23. Touch an elephant
  24. Visit somewhere to see wolves
  25. Swim in the ocean at night and watch the stars
  26. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  27. Visit Bath (the city, not the room!)
  28. Visit Scotland
  29. Swim with dolphins
  30. Sleep in a tree house
  31. Get a tattoo
  32. Donate blood
  33. Learn to scuba dive
  34. Visit Egypt – see the pyramids and watch the belly dancers
  35. Join a belly dance troupe
  36. Get the Handfasting of my dreams!
  37. Run a 5k
  38. Go whale watching
  39. Own a very nice camera
  40. Learn how to use the very nice camera!
  41. Visit Stone Henge and touch the stones
  42. Visit Avebury Stones
  43. Live near the beach
  44. Send a ‘Message in a Bottle’
  45. Leave a note to someone in a library book to make them smile
  46. Watch a ballet
  47. Watch a live musical show
  48. Go see a Burlesque show
  49. Go to a Drive-In
  50. Stay in the Ice Hotel
  51. Learn Yoga or Tia Chi
  52. Go to a Masquerade Ball
  53. Take a photo every day for a year
  54. Visit Ireland
  55. Visit the Witchcraft Museum in Cornwall
  56. Learn to accept myself for who I am
  57. See a music concert
  58. Make a snow angel
  59. Visit one new place every year
  60. Go to Disney Land
  61. Be able to do make-up…well
  62. Do a Fire-Walk
  63. Do a crayon-melt
  64. Visit a Ranch
  65. Swim somewhere with a waterfall
  66. Create Baby Scrapbook for each of my children
  67. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  68. Ice skate in a city in winter
  69. Shop in New York
  70. Visit Las Vegas
  71. Be an audience member of a live show
  72. Spend the day at a Spa
  73. De-clutter my home and make it more organised

OK, that might seem and odd number to stop at, but I was getting to the point of really having to think. I bet I think of loads as soon as I post this now! But, I was born in 1973, so 73 is a good number ;o)

I wonder how many of these I might get ticked off. It’s time to start dinner for family now, but later on, I’m going to look and see if there is somewhere to register your Bucket List so that you can actually tick things off your list, or maybe an app for my phone.

Take care!